Mission AliCross Dart Stems Medium Blue

Mission AliCross Dart Stems Medium Blue

Mission Alicross Dart Shafts are precision engineered to offer players all the benefits of a metal shaft, but with the characteristics of a nylon shaft. For each shaft length the Mission Alicross Dart Shaft matches the dimensions and weight of a dart fitted with a traditional nylon shaft, and there is no increase in length between the barrel and the flight. When using Mission Alicross there is no change in either aerodynamic profile or dart trajectory compared to the equivalent nylon shaft, however the player receives all the benefits of a stronger metal shaft that doesn’t need a ring to grip the flight. The Mission Alicross Dart Shaft opens up a whole new choice for players who usually choose nylon shafts.


Short: 27mm (Excluding Thread) 

Midi: 34mm (Excluding Thread

Medium: 41mm (Excluding Thread) 

2BA Thread

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  • Brand: Mission
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